Meeting 10 – November 20, 2007

Topics & Speakers:

  • No more hops! – towards a linearly scalable application infrastructure
    by Owen Taylor (GigaSpaces Technologies)
  • Sexy Web Apps with Java, Mozilla Tamarin, and Flex
    by James Ward (Adobe)
  • An Agile Organization, by Stephan Schwab (Caimito Technologies)

Presentations abstract:

No more hops! – towards a linearly scalable application infrastructure:

This talk focuses on the architecture and the patterns implemented behind the scenes that enable the GigaSpaces XAP (ZAP) platform to scale linearly and still provide a rich and fault-tolerant programming model.

Learn how to leverage the simplicity and consistency of Spring and achieve the scalability of Google. Understand the programming paradigm known as SBA and Discover what the power of Transparent Partitioning and Colocation can do for applications ranging from Logistics to Order Processing to Algorithmic Trading.

Sexy Web Apps with Java, Mozilla Tamarin, and Flex:

In this session James Ward will do live demonstrations and write code to show how easy it is to build sexy web apps with Java, Mozilla Tamarin, and Flex. The session will cover the programming model, Java Remoting, Pub/Sub messaging & JMS integration, Data Synchronization, Hibernate integration, charting, cinematic experiences, and media integration.

An Agile Organization:

Starting with a high-level comparison between Waterfall and Agile this presentation educates about how to work “agile” by showing a series of best practices and tries to address some of the critism against “Agile”. In the second part an agile project management tool called Savila, which is currently under development by a small team in Panama, is introduced.

Speakers Bio:

Owen Taylor
Senior Director – Worldwide Technical Communications at GigaSpaces Technologies, Inc

Owen translates the new architectural concepts and technical capabilities of space-based solutions into accessible formats so that technologists can adapt them rapidly into their environments and gain their maximum benefit. Owens’ areas of expertise include J2EE design patterns and performance tuning of J2EE applications. Prior to GigaSpaces, Owen worked as Principal J2EE Product Specialist with Identify Software. Before that Owen acted as Senior Enterprise Architect with The Middleware Company where he specialized in B2B, EJB and J2EE training and consulting with a special emphasis on webMethods B2B server and, BEA WebLogic Servers. Owen has over the years delivered architecture consulting, mentoring and training to dozens of companies and advised them on how to best architect new applications ranging from e-commerce to stock-trading. Many of his engagements involved developing application prototypes on-site. Prior to The Middleware-Company, Owen was Senior Consultant and Partner in The New Customware Company, where his duties mirrored almost exactly those he executed with the Middleware Company. Prior to CustomWare, Owen was Senior Consultant and Instructor in the Professional Services organization at Inprise (Borland) (an EJB/J2EE & CORBA vendor), where he provided consulting and mentoring to customers in not only building large applications with EJB/J2EE and CORBA, but also specifically on the instrumentation, monitoring and management of applications developed using these technologies.

James Ward
Technical Evangelist for Flex at Adobe

Much like his love for climbing mountains he enjoys programming because it provides endless new discoveries, elegant workarounds, summits and valleys. His adventures in climbing have taken him many places. Likewise, technology has brought him many adventures, including: Pascal and Assembly back in the early 90’s; Perl, HTML, and JavaScript in the mid 90’s; then Java and many of it’s frameworks beginning in the late 90’s. Today he primarily uses Flex to build beautiful front ends for Java based back ends. Prior to Adobe, James built a rich marketing and customer service portal for Pillar Data Systems.

Stephan Schwab
Principal and Software Technology Consultant at Caimito Technologies

Stephan Schwab, a native from Germany, worked on many Software projects in Germany and the US before settling down in Panama, leading his own Software company there. He is specialized in agile software development methodologies such as Scrum, and his company develops an agile project management tool called Savila. Currently he is also writing a book on Acegi Security for Spring.


6:00-6:30 | Registration, Networking and Refreshment
6:30-6:45 | Sponsors Introduction
6:45-7:30 | No more hops! – towards a linearly scalable application infrastructure
7:30-7:45 | Break
7:45-8:30 | Sexy Web Apps with Java, Mozilla Tamarin, and Flex
8:30-8:45 | Break
8:45-9:30 | An Agile Organization
9:30-9:45 | Raffle

Venue: Carnival Cruise Lines, 3655 NW 87th Ave, Doral, FL 33178

Sponsors: Sherlock Technology


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