Bulletproof Ajax
Jeremy Keith
ISBN-10: 0-321-47266-7;
ISBN-13: 978-0-321-47266-3;

Review by Sreedevi Tankala

This book is very useful to people who want to be web designers and as well to all the programmers in their daily programming. The book started with the history of AJAX, It tells about Trojan wars where this word started and what it meant. The power of AJAX and how does it come into real existence into It industry and why people made this word to the technology which already exist.

It compares all other existing technologies such as Flex, Applets etc. Which does the same as Ajax doing. Then the author took us into the Html, Dhtml and DOM scripting.

For people who are starting to use Ajax need JavaScript, JavaScript was shown pretty beautifully all the main things the JavaScript which we use while building the website. Then the author took us to the main Object of Ajax and defined it as “The Object of the Game” which is really cool. As we know Ajax revolves with “XMLHttpRquest” object, which is key to the entire Ajax usage. In the following chapters the author explained the simple example with code and some pictures how Ajax works.

In the proceeding chapters the author introduced JSON, Hijax, DOM scripting etc topics. The author explains with examples, which I found easy to read and understand the importance of each and every step of the code. I feel this is a great book to read for Ajax beginners as well who want to refer this to refresh the topic while they are in development cycle.
Finally I want to say that this is a very good book. I don’t know anything about Ajax, after reading this book I understand how to use Ajax and where to use it. Any one do some Ajax coding after reading the book, as the book tells you how to do it.


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